Monday, July 16, 2018
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SGP Vulnerability Assessment

SGP Vulnerability Assessment allows customers to identify vulnerabilities of hosts and/or systems. Our security experts will recommend corrective actions to fix the identified vulnerabilities. SGP Vulnerability Assessment can also assist our customers to evaluate the effectiveness of their security infrastructure which is an essential job for nowadays IT audit.

Our SGP Vulnerability Assessment service includes the following areas:
  • Network level, host vulnerability assessment – identify the vulnerabilities of your hosts from network point of view and recommend corrective actions to mitigate the risk of your hosts from being attacked.
  • Database vulnerability assessment – identify the vulnerabilities of your database systems from network point of view and recommend corrective actions to protect your valuable, business critical data.
  • Web sites and web applications vulnerability assessment – identify the vulnerabilities of your web sites and web applications and recommend corrective actions to mitigate the risk of most common attack target, web sites and web applications, from being attacked.
SGP Consulting – Storage System

Because of the growing amount of information, data, documents and materials in electronic format, the requirements on storage system’s capacity, reliability and availability increase sharply. Our SGP Consulting – Storage System service helps you to:
  • Analyze the problems and limitations of your existing storage systems
  • Study and identify the requirements of the new storage systems or improvement to the existing systems
  • Recommend and propose the storage solution including, but not limited to, SAN, NAS, high availability of the storage systems.
  • Implement and customize the storage system according to the requirements
SGP Consulting – Business Intelligence

Nowadays, every enterprise has huge amount of data and there is lots of useful and even business critical information hide behind the data. Without the proper solution to analyze the data and present the analysis results, an enterprise will have trouble to identify her strength and weakness which result in the inability to improve and even maintain her performance.

Our SGP Consulting – Business Intelligence service helps you to:
  • Study and analyze the requirements of your business intelligence system
  • Recommend and propose the business intelligence solution
  • Implement and customize the business intelligence system according to the requirements
ACW distribution:
We create IT solutions by integrating the "Best-of-Breed" products in the market and delivering them to the end user via an extensive network of trained and certified channel partners in the region.
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ACW solutions:
As one of the major Microsoft Business Solutions Center in the region, we specialize in supporting Microsoft ERP solutions, Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV, with a profound knowledge of the products, the industries and project management.
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ACW services:
We focus on providing a wide array of professional services, from up-front consulting to determining what software you need, to assisting with the installation and setup of the software, training your staff to use it, and supporting them with expert technical assistance.
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